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Celebrate (XX) -- The user celebrates a positive event, increasing their enthusiasm and possibly lessening the effects of anger-related moves, as well as increasing the power of their next move.

Useable by: Pikachu, Raichu, Eevee + Eeveelutions

Happy Hour (NO) -- Using significant energy, the user radiates a positive energy field that doubles the beneficial and detrimental effects on the stats of all active participants in the battle for the remainder of the round.

Useable By: Inkay, Malamar

Hold Back (XX) -- The user (always Celebi) hits the target with a swift, but controlled strike, dealing light damage for light energy. This move will never cause a Pokémon to faint, but is threatening enough that it may evoke a reaction.

Useable By: Celebi

Hold Hands (XX) -- The user holds hands with an ally while radiating a positive aura, improving the mood of their partner and calming them, resetting the mental state of both Pokémon and causing them to fight more enthusiastically. Their next attack will also be somewhat more effective. This move uses moderate energy.

Useable By: Vivillon

Consider this the first phase of the audit.

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