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Goodbye. I love you.
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What do humans call this feeling...?

I love Taki's episodes for how they show the struggle of humans and youkai to connect through the faintest of encounters. The ending was beautifully done and made me emotional. While I remember this story from the manga, the animation, music, and voice acting really helped to sell it. (While it could be interpreted in a romantic/creepy manner, I see it as purely platonic from the perspective of someone who's simply never experienced a close relationship with a human before.)




In a way it almost feels fitting that they saved the switch for this ep to deliver a little extra impact. Seeing the whole gang playing together during the sequence - as well as the Fujiwaras in the distance - gives me hope that we're going to see some of the sidestories adapted that explore more of Natsume's budding relationships with them. <3
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