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I thought in the anime, Cut was glowy?

Seems it is. This should be evidence for NO Cut over XX Cut (if we're even going to keep them separate, which is... egh...):
Spoiler: show

Also, Grassy Terrain:
Grassy Terrain (GR) - For considerable energy the user spreads invigorating Grass energy along the ground, causing grass and flowers to sprout in even the most rugged environments. This super invigorated grass will restore some (~light) health to all Pokémon touching the ground for the next five rounds, until the energy fades and also makes Grass-type moves slightly stronger. Nature Power will become Seed Bomb while this move is in effect, and Weather Ball will become Grass-typed when used by a grounded Pokemon.

In-game, tall grass makes Nature Power Seed Bomb, but Grassy Terrain makes it Energy Ball. For consistency's sake, I'd like it to reflect that here.
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