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When the Slaking had come into full view, Gastly’s jaw literally dropped to the floor in a classic cartoon fashion. "Nope. Hell no. I’m not fighting that, I barely managed to survive it as a Vigoroth." the Gastly said hidding behind his trainer.

"Chill. You’re not facing that." Ethan assured, "I have an even better opponent to combat that." Ethan wasn't someone that enjoyed being told what to do, if anything, whenever someone told him what to do, 9 times out of 10 he'd purposely do the opposite. But, remembering the storm outside...Ethan had no other choice but to fight if he wanted to stay some where warm and dry.

"I'll fight your beast, but once this is over, you better let us stay here till the storm blows over. Got it?" The man said with great force in his voice to the owner of the base, clearly enraged he had to deal with this whole mess, when he technically didn't start it...

"Return James!" He recalled his Gastly, retrieving him back inside the Vampireball before clipping it back on to his belt, "You guys better return anybody that doesn't need to be here," he suggested to the other two trainers, "Things are liable to get rather messy in a minute and I don't want to be blamed for any...collateral damage." Ethan grinned, "Aiden, you'll be my partner of choice. Lets rock and roll!!"

"Chimchar!" The chimp clapped it's monkey paws together.

"Oh and before I forget Keith, remember. This is a 3 on 1 battle, not a 1 on 1...if we aim to calm down the creature or at the very least knock it out, we need to work together on this." He told the trainer next to him before finally giving his Pokemon his orders, "Chimchar, Fake Out and go for a swift Low Kick before going for an even quicker Rock Smash to the gut while Keith's Scraggy gets himself ready! As always, be careful."

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