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Gemini and Mustard were fully prepared to take the Gallade's attack, and take it they did! The move, which Keith could only assume to be Psycho Cut, smarted quite a bit, but owing to the drastic difference in their levels, didn't hurt nearly as much as it would've had they been more equal in terms of level. Mustard glared at the Gallade, but upon spotting the look Gemini was giving him, resisted the urge to strike back. No, Gemini knew this was some sort of misunderstanding, and that striking back with an attacking move would only make things worse.

Indeed, the Gallade seemed to be in the process of coming to that same conclusion himself, though hadn't quite gotten there yet. He was holding off on attacking a second time, but the Bellsprout, apparently nicknamed Hood, was another story. The Trainer called in from the other room, ordering the Grass/Poison-type to use Firestream. The order didn't really surprise Keith- nothing like owning a Weedle that knows Firestreem to reinforce the fact that absolutely every species of Pokémon in existence can learn that particular Fire move, after all. It did concern him, however- Gemini and Mustard could take damage like pros, but he still didn't want them to sustain any burns if they didn't have to, and Firestream was notorious for being especially proficient at inducing burns.

"Gemini, Sweet Scent," Keith said to the Weezing. Gemini and Mustard got the picture immediately- fighting back would only worsen the situation- add fuel to the fire, as it were. Keith's goal at this moment was to try and calm everyone down, to try and diffuse the situation before things got too far out of hand.

The Weezing began to emit a soothing, sweet-smelling (and remarkably for them, non-toxic) mist from their pores, trying to fill the whole base with it and calm down even those in the other room- particularly the Trainer. Meowth, meanwhile, noticed the Gallade's newfound hesitation to attack, and knew what he had to do, terrified though he was of taking an attack in all this madness. He hopped down off of Keith's shoulder and slowly approached the Gallade, arms raised in a gesture of surrender, claws retracted, and so forth. "We ain't intruders," he said to the Gallade, speaking remarkably in English. "We just wanted ta get outta dis rain. We knocked on yer door, and yer Trainer told us dat da door was open. Dat's da truth."

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