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Gallade The Island Retreat

Somewhere in the vast expanse of ocean lies a single undisturbed island.
Finding this island is neigh impossible, safe for those who know how to find it or happen on it by chance.
It is on this dormant island where lie three ancient trees that have remained untouched for centuries, standing tall and pround since the beginning of time.
These three 'elder trees' stand solemn and strong on the three corners of the island, as if forming a single triangle, from which to watch over and guard their host.
The south-western tree has recently been claimed as a base by a young and boisterous trainer who has made it his and his companion's life mission to find this island.
This elder tree has been hollowed and carved out inside to form a single large inner staircase that spirals up high towards the canopy.
Amongst the leaves lies a treetop base, a safe retreat for the trainer and his party where they may enjoy the silence of the seas and the beauty of her sunsets.
This is the base of Lucas and his travel companions.

Description to come soon.

Though this is the base, most of Lucas Pokémon prefer to spend their time outside on the quiet island, either running on it's stretched green plains or hiding amongst some sparse foliage.


Rules for RP:
1. There's no limit how many people can adventure here. I would prefer to stick to the standard rule of 6 Pokémon max. per trainer. If only to ensure it won't get TOO crowded at times.
2. You do not need to know my character to visit the island. But please come up with a legit reason for stumbling across my base.
3. RP your character leaving. This is just for personal preference. If you can't continue RP'ing, it would be nice if you made your character bow out for some reason so I'd know I don't have to wait on you and stories can move on without you.
4. Pokéspeak is off! This is also just for personal preference. Only exceptions are a) A Pokémon has the character trait of being able to talk or mimic the English language, b) A Pokémon talks in its own language but you merely explain what it is trying to convey. No word for word translations, and c) If Pokémon, and Pokémon only, are together on some separate, special adventure. Much like the episode "Island of the Giant Pokémon".
5. Posts can be as short as you want with a minimum of three sentences. The reason for this is that, at times, the RP is heavily discussion oriented. Little use in writing a 1,000 word essay on your character saying 'Hello'. For actual story development where a lot more is going on I'd prefer you to put in a bit more effort. 150 word minimum sounds like a fair guideline.

Rules of the Island:
1. Exceptionally large and/or heavy Pokémon cannot enter the base as the stairwell is either too narrow or the wood cannot hold the weight. A Slaking would be capable of entering the base but a Snorlax or Onix would have trouble. The base isn't too high so exceptionally long Pokémon like Onix may be able to stretch all the way up and poke their head through the window.
2. There's currently only a small aquarium in the base (may change in the future). So unfortunately, obligatory aquatic Pokémon must remain in the ocean. You can wave to them from the shoreline or treetop though.
3. Since my character hasn't met any of you properly yet, do not expect him to welcome you with open arms. In fact, Lucas and his team will most likely consider you a threat if they see you wander the island and may even attack if provoked! (I added this part because I thought it would be more fun that way.)

Old Base Pic:
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Fizzy Bubbles Team:
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