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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
In state-of-the-art hatching modules, the eggs under the care of Miss Lulu live in perfectly temperature-controlled environs for as long as they need to incubate (which, mysteriously, always seems to be exactly one week - researchers to this day are still baffled by this phenomenon) and grow into fully-formed baby Pokemon. Not a single gust of wind or drop of rain, not a single deviance in temperature or humidity... the perfect little encased world for these perfect little ovoids.

The world outside, however, is something of a rude awakening.

Before the two little babies can open their eyes, their ears are blasted with the sound of whirring air - fans, operating on full blast - which do little to mitigate the oppressive heat and stifling humidity of midday July. Miss Lulu, desperately fanning herself with an old magazine, immediately turns her makeshift fan to the babies in an attempt to cool them off.

One of the babies, a white, seal-like Pokemon, discovers right away that he is capable of a little trick - a delicate spray of water over himself, and he is feeling nice and cool. He splashes Miss Lulu's face with another spray, and she giggles, looking appreciative despite the unexpected soak.

The other baby, despite her tree-like appearance, is far less than enthused at the attempt to cool her off. Storming off in indignation at being attacked without provocation, Miss Lulu does her best to turn the stubborn baby around and explain, very gently, that the act was an attempt to help. Already, however, the water type in question has become listless from the heat, and has curled up into slumber. The pseudo-tree immediately begins crying - it was hard for even Miss Lulu to tell whether she was doing it to draw fluids out of her body, or show her emotional state... perhaps both. With all the moisture in the air, the baby would probably be crying awhile... while the cold-weather loving seal seemed to be getting more and more uncomfortable in his attempts to sleep off the heat.

Miss Lulu frowns. Hopefully these two would be adopted by trainers who liked to travel, because neither of these little ones seemed at all suited to the humid environment outside. An idle thought passes through her mind of escaping the hatchery with the babies to go on a trip to the beach... If only.


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Ooof, I'm feeling all of you there Bonsly. I might be born during the summer, but I still can't stand the heat...

I'll put her in one of my many yet ordinary Pokéballs to keep her cool until she finds a good trainer and home for her. Thank you!
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