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Round 15: Almost There

As noticing crying out loud was a great strategy in the first place, Moro decides to telll her opponent a little secret. As she gets near Wattson, she confide him her secret, on how she once managed to kill several Joltik by BITING them with FIRE on her FANGS. Moro was obviously scared, but even more so, enraged! She though he'd reconsider attack, but he shall not fall on the same trap again. Yup. As he gets some electric energy on him, he just as quickly discharges it right on Moro's face, hitting it for some nasty and well full damage. As it hits her, Moro releases a scream, of pain, although the hit wasn't exactly hurtful or anthing. But still, what to expect? At least there had no paralysis, to some degree.

As Moro got hit by a fairly nice damage, she decides to retaliate, by forming a shadowy [b]ball[/] of malicious ghost energy. Though Joltik's preparing one of his own, a electro ball filled with electric energy, as you guessed. But soon Moro's attack hit Wattson, dealing just nasty damage as his Discharge did to her. Wattson screams, as he is now onto a very critical condition. He stands firmly and releases its attack, the ball flying at great speed towards Moro. She attempts some dodge, but the attack is faster, and once again hit her for some damage, although not as big.
The round ends and Folk plays.

Both sides used energy. Wattson is starting to tire, but he has other things to worry. Besides, he can go for two, still, so no problem here. Moro is just as fine, but is too beginning to tire, but again, can go for two for now. Ghost energy is gone.
Wattson is on critical health condition while Moro dropped through the halfway mark.
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