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More habits I want to develop than goals I want to meet;

-Sleeping properly. Job schedule means that some days I get home at 2am and some days my alarm goes off at 6.30am, so while most nights I have a good 7-8 hour chunk at least where I can be sleeping it's never the same 7-8 hour chunk. The lack of consistency often means I don't get nearly as much sleep as I need even though I have the time for it. Recently I've been going through my rotas as they're written and working out when I'm sleeping (and planning it so that I have to shift when I'm sleeping as little as possible from day to day). If helps but is a faff. I'm trying to set up my phone to automate it based on work shifts I put in my calendar.

-Eating healthily. Part of the issue here is my hours and the sleep thing - I'm often too tired to bother cooking, and often hungry when I get home after midnight which (because I'm too tired from worm to cook properly) leads to me ordering Domino's or whatever. One bit of the solution here is the realisation I don't really enjoy drinking any more (a lot of my social life revolves around going to pubs because that's what happens when you work in hospitality) while I do enjoy eating out, so I can transition my unhealthy drinking in pubs time to healthy dinner out with friends time which I'll enjoy a lot more and shouldn't cost me more. Another part is batch cooking something once a week that's healthy and that I can reheat easily when I come in hungry and tired from work. Between then that'll address two of the three big issues with the things I put in my body. The other one that needs addressing is the amount of sugary drinks I have (we're free to help ourselves at work). Not so sure how to deal with that one.

-Excercise regularly. This is mostly about finding some kind of excercise I enjoy doing. That used to be climbing but I've fallen out of love with it in the last 18 months and got in a lot worse shape because of it. I think the approach here is committing to picking some form of exercise to do once a week for four to five weeks. If I don't like it at the end of that, no harm, - I'll try a different form of exercise for the following month. If I do like it and want to do it more, I can. Even if at the end of the year I've not found anything I enjoy I'll still have done something active once a week most weeks for the year without ever having the burden of committing to any one thing for an extended period. If I do find something I like, great!

-Stop spending money on things I end up not wanting or needing. Partly this is things like the above realisation that I don't much enjoy drinking I just do it because my friends want to go for drinks and I want to socialise (and it's fucking expensive!). Another thing I might try is putting a delay on buying anything I don't desperately need right now and seeing if I still want it a week later.

These are really generic ones but I've had a rough year and I need them somewhat sorted to feel up to doing bigger things.
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