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I just typed up this big long explanation post and promptly lost it so here's bullet points.
  • Misunderstood on the x3, I don't love that it can do x3 but I can't really stop it, we need to make it explicit that all this effectiveness doesn't stack if you're weak against both types
  • Snorby's idea is the most balanced but boring, also just avoids the problem
  • Freeze-Dry version is interesting but feels arbitrary
  • Forcing them to pull from both slots might just be what we have to do, but i'd like to see Snorby's version as well, maybe we can do STAB versions that can be used without the extra energy and have a fun effect instead

>Poison moves

Yeah Sludge Bomb being physical is sort of a weird holdover. We should probably change it. I'll look at these a little more closely when discussion is over.

>Slack Off

I feel like when I rewrote this it served some kind of better purpose. I don't really like Health restoration on this one and I think that energy restoration would be a better niche. I'll probably just make it a better version of Rest that you can more easily control and break from so you can use a move to control your exhaustion a little better.

Ignoring the Rest proposal because what? Why?
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