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Round 2: Right back at ya!

“And we’re back from the break ladies and gentlemen, terribly sorry we’ve been so long cause it looks like Hebi has been bored out of his Mind. Gotta say he looks very Calm like that though, not like the Rotom, all three of them, on the other side who’s moving erratically in all kinds of directions. Oh and would you look at that, isn’t that a beautiful web that Arthur has made? Wow, wait a moment, they put it under electricity! And now they throw that Electro Web at Dunsparce! Shocking!”

“Looks like the fish is fighting back though! Hebi frantically moves around in the web, it’s hard to see what’s going in his head at the moment but it seems like IT’S FIRE! I did not see that coming, but Hebi unleashes big stream of flames from his mouth and this Flamethrower burns through the web like a hot knife through soft butter. And will you look at that! Be it skill or be it complete and utter random luck, but someone the flames hit one of the Rotom clones as well! It’s a good thing we have this big, solid plastic fence around us though, and that I have this sweet comfortable commentators booth cause Hebi is spewing the fire everywhere!”

“Btw, have I already mentioned that Rotom is a Ghost-type? Cause it is, and that look that it’s giving Hebi is sca-ry! The two literally look like a friend has been murdered! The real one and its clone look at each other now, no idea what they’re thinking but I guess it’s happy. Look at that beautiful rainbow-colored ball that forms above their heads. All sunshine and laser Beam, the beauty of it is astounding but Arthur is certainly sending Hebi a Signal to not mess with it! It’s a message he’s feeling too! The brightly colored beam hits him right between the eyes causing the Dunsparce to cry out in pain. Yet still Hebi doesn’t seem to listen though, he must be thinking ‘whatever you do, I can do better’ cause the Land Snake is creating a ball of his own.”

“It’s a nice big blue ball that’s Puls(e)ating with Water energy, and it’s a lot bigger than the ball Arthur made earlier. We’ll see what it does soon as it’s being launched right at the Rotom, who is confident the clone will take the hit I guess. Wond… BOOM BABY! It’s an explosive hit right at the intended target! Hebi hits Arthur and the ball of energy explodes with incredible force blowing the lightweight Ghost straight into the fencing! That just has to hurt! Great to hear the crowd go wild at all the action this round, you guys rock!”

Energy: 64.4%
Health: 79%
Stats: Confused, SpA +1, SpD +1, Spe -1

Energy: 69.9%
Health: 75.3%
Stats: -

Aposteriori is to go first

And PM any questions you may have.

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