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Originally Posted by Ger View Post
But forcing people into doing something they don't want to do is totally fair though? Lol makes sense. Forcing people isn't fair, its supposed to be fun playing asb putting a requirement like forced reffing makes it a tideous task. The reffing resource is way more fair than being forced into reffing, the reason it's so limited is because people don't wanna do it.
Reffing once a week will make you get from tl3 to tl4 in like a year especially since it's not allowing 4/6 people won't make any progress there's not an abundance of new players or matches in general to logically substain a bunch of people trying to ref and get things done in a fast and timely matter.
I explicitly didn't say it was totally fair. It's not, I accept that. My point was the alternative is much less fair. At the end of the day the league would be better off if people who don't currently ref either reffed or left - either would be an improvement. The average player needs to ref one match for every two they battle in just to keep the league functioning - if we can't reach this marker, battlers like yourself can't find refs. Even someone as notoriously lazy as me has managed to keep a career average of about one match completely reffed for every two battled in. It'll take most people more than ten battles to get between two trainer levels, which means if they're pulling their own weight they should comfortably be able to finish their five reffings before accruing the necessary KO's and TP.

Tbh your avatar pretty much sums up my reaction to people who'll need to increase their amount of reffing in order to meet the requirements.
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