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Cross posting my post on Serebii thread

I'll have to redo my entire squad it's kind of annoying but understandable, I'm assuming I won't have to start anything at level 1 as replacements for stuff that's not a tier higher than my current trainer level is.

How about people who have no interest in reffing? Don't you think it's pretty unfair to have people be stuck at TL3 (Such as myself) because of something they have no interest in doing.I'm sure there's others who don't plan on doing any reffing and to force people to attempt to pass a ref test and to ref at least five much is a lot jumping from TL3 -> TL4, especially with how slow matches can be having to fulfill the requirements will just take forever for most people to accomplish not to mention how slow the process is in approving new refs.. I prefer just doing matches, the time reffing consumes is something I don't want to deal with seeing as how it burns out a lot of people in the community plus irl stuff that makes my time on the forums short so not being able to progress any further than I am now sucks and is disappointing.

Also don't you think the jump from 3 to 4 will be harder with an influx of new refs? I mean there's not many matches in the queues anymore to substain multiple people trying to ref five matches each just to get another level. I feel without any goal of progressing it's going to make me not want to be a part of ASB, there has to be a different requirement maybe more TP for people who don't want to ref. Along with all the restrictions to what kind of matches you can ref and length and all that it's kinda ridiculous. I have four matches going on currently, one is moving by at a great speed (Thanks Connor) but the other two are at a snail's pace and one of those is in the queue so it's a task just to even finish match in a timely matter let alone a ref test + 5 matches.
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