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Another exiting day here in Pumello Stadium. Tyoyo3131 is first to send out his pokeball high in the air, and from it arises Pumpkaboo to take the stage! Concept follows suit and sends out his pokeball, which is a more familiar pokemon overall, Houdini the Zubat takes the stage!

Originally Posted by Species Characteristics
Pumpkaboo (Grass/Ghost): Pumpkaboo come in four sizes, Small, Average, Large and Super. The Small size has somewhat less HP than average but is much faster than the larger sizes, where the Super size has a good deal more HP than average, but is very slow. Pumpkaboo's size will carry over when it evolves. Pumpkaboo have the ability to create searchlights from their eyes. While not as powerful as a Flash attack, they light up the arena without blinding opponents or allies, and doing so takes almost no energy to maintain. It is considered one move for a Pumpkaboo to light searchlights. [Grass]: Grass types live anywhere that can support vegetation, though most prefer temperate to tropical climates. Grass types enjoy both bright sun and rain. Rainstorms will heal them slightly every round the rain falls.
[Ghost]: Unavailable.

Zubat (Poison/Flying): Zubat is completely blind, as it has no eyes. However, it uses sonar to detect things, which means that it cannot be fooled by visual illusions (such as Double Team). Zubat have sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound attacks.
[Poison]: If not completely immune, poison types are highly resistant to poisoning.
[Flying]: Flying Pokémon, with a few exceptions, all fly. Those who cannot are faster and more agile in their chosen mode of transportation.

This round is full of old tricks, and some new. Let’s see what both pokemon have in store for eachother! Houdini starts off with an old fashion air slash against the ghostly pumpkin. The attack hits rather radipdly against the floating ghost, who squeals in pain. Meanwhile, Pumpkaboo unleashes a new trick from his bag in the form of trick-or-treat. The attack sends out an energy wave that coats Houdini in a ghostly aura that will make him subjected to be weak against ghost and dark moves for the next couple of rounds. Yikes! Pumpkaboo is quite pleased and sends out his next attack in the form of Shadow Ball. The ghostly ball of energy makes its way through, but not soo fast! Houdini launches an Air cutter that cuts right through the shadow ball dissipating the attack all together, while getting another mean blow against Pumpkaboo.

Houdini did not take damage this round, but he is coated in a ghostly aura. Energy usage was okay.

Pumpkaboo took two mean hits from the start. Energy usage was fine.
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