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That Mareep is too adorable. =3

Level 1 Female Pumpkaboo (Super)

Level 1 Male Honedge

Level 1 Female Shuppet

Oliver: Level 1 Male Duskull
In life, Oliver was said to exhibit poise and wisdom in combat as a great paladin, wielding the blade Hauteclere.
Special Training: Paladin's Might
Because of his past life, all of Oliver's Ghost typed attacks are super effective against Dark, the forces of evil. His Ghost typed attacks no longer affect Normal or Fighting types, unless the Pokemon is also part Dark, in which they become neutral as always. Oliver loses access to his Dark energy pool, as a Paladin should not use underhanded tactics, and no longer fights more enthusiastically at night.

Xerath: Level 2 Genderless Golett - Uplevel
Special Attack: Mage Chains (Ghost)
Using solid energy, Xerath fires off an orb of energy that, when striking the foe will do moderate damage and mark the foe. The next damaging attack to strike the opponent will act as if it was super effective, but will not stack with any other super effective modifiers. This attack can be used three times per battle, and Xerath can no longer use Iron Defence, Gyro Ball, or Curse.

Yasuo: Level 1 Male Scyther
A wayward spirit with mastery over ancient wind techniques, joining my team to become a force to be reckoned with.

"Death is like the wind; always by my side."
No Signature Move

Pumpkaboo! To battle, let's earn your name!
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