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Level 1:

Sebastian the Mareep (Male)
Mareep (Electric): Mareep's fur is slightly charged: any Pokémon not resistant to electricity who comes into physical contact with Mareep has a 25% chance of flinching. Mareep have the ability to use the balls on their tails as lights. While not as powerful as a Flash attack, they light up the arena without blinding opponents or allies, and doing so takes almost no energy to maintain. It is considered one move for a Mareep to light its tail. This will, however, make it a more obvious target for Pokémon who can see in dark areas.

Houdini the Zubat (Male)
Zubat (Poison/Flying): Zubat is completely blind, as it has no eyes. However, it uses sonar to detect things, which means that it cannot be fooled by visual illusions (such as Double Team). Zubat have sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound attacks.
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Julius the Aron (Male)
Aron (Steel/Rock): Aron can see in the dark. Due to its exceptional hardness, it will not take recoil damage from attacks it uses and is resistant to physical moves.
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Robbie the Golett (Genderless)
Golett: (Ground/Ghost) Golett is entirely inorganic, meaning it is completely unaffected by poison. Though slow and robotic, it is quite heavy and bulky for its size, allowing it to deal slightly more damage from physical attacks.
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Maria the Sneasel (Female)
Sneasel (Dark/Ice): A Sneasel can retract or extend its claws at will. When moving and trying to be stealthy, a Sneasel will retract its claws. When attacking or moving on slippery surfaces, they will be extended. Sneasels can move as quietly as a Meowth or Persian can. Sneasel can see in the dark.
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Miranda the Goomy (Female)
Goomy (Dragon): Goomy is slow and slimy, but also rather soft and squishy, giving it a 10% resistance to physical attacks. Its body is amorphous, allowing it to move across the ground by oozing or slithering, as well as making it hard to grasp.
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