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Cool. Thanks for sharing. It looks interesting enough though I can't promise I'll watch simply because a lot of this (particularly Carnegie and Rockefeller) I've studied before not only in high school but in college as well. But I could always use a refresher, and I certainly can't claim to know all of the details. That stated ... the Donald? Really? ^^; I guess it is the History Channel but still.

How did you come across this?

I know we've discussed Guns, Germs, and Steel before but since you're linking to another series about the latter half of the 19th century, I guess I am remiss for not having pointed you in the direction of this book sooner. It was used as the primary text in a college course I took that was 100% about the history of petroleum: The Prize. Luckily for you, you don't have to read the book. (I didn't read most of it either! *shot*) Because they made a TV adaptation for PBS back in the early '90s when the book first came out ... and it looks like someone's gone and uploaded it all to YouTube! How convenient! Here is Part 1 of 8. Give that a whirl if you like. But don't expect me to watch yours under threat of you not watching mine unless I do. ;P I'm only sharing it 'cause I think you'll like it yourself. As for yours, I'll think about it. I have a lot on my plate right now though, as you know. ^^;
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