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Round 1

Starting us off in this seemingly boring of arenas, our trainers have slected their squads and their opening battleplans. Zekka will face off against Jansen in a battle of the sexes as we wait to see whether the former's lack of weaknesses has anything to do with the outcome of this frame.

With the initiative, Jansen starts us off, using Nasty Plot to attempt to get himself a nice boost. Midway through, however, he takes a Lick from Zekka, coated in a super effective form of sauce no less, and loses the concentration to continue. Angered, Jansen tries his luck with a Hidden Power. Before the attack gets far however, Zekka has formed a protective aura around herself, using Skull Bash to close the gap between the two and deal out some more damage, lraving the two battlers in melee range as the round ends.

Zekka took no damage. She used decent energy, with ghost down to around 3/4 (a fraction above that) and general at a good bit below perfect. Elemental sauce has one use left and must be of the ghost type.

Jansen took damage, some of it SE, and is a good bit above 3/4 health. He used slightly less energy, a smallish bit from perfect, and has a mild boost to special attack that will last several rounds.
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