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Very well then. Good luck, and prepare for battle!

Bulle: Female Drifblim (Level 4)
Used solely for transport purposes before I found her, Bulle's once sunny personality has turned into a horrible caricature of itself because she had been transporting some of the most morally corrupt Pokemon this side of Sinnoh. Bulle's transportation duties often involved flying through thunderstorms, forcing her to develop a technique to keep herself and her passenger safe.
Special Defense: Static Field (Electric)
Using Electric energy equal to Light Screen, Bulle creates an electric field that extends five feet in all directions away from her. Electric attacks will be absorbed by the barrier, which can endure two Thunderbolts, one Thunder, or a combination of attacks that would do equivalent damage before being destroyed. Pokemon, physical attacks, and other special attacks will pass through the field easily, but coming in contact with the field will cause that Pokemon to take damage equal to 1/2 Thundershock, with a 5% chance of mild Paralysis. This attack may only be used twice per battle.

Zekka: Female Lickitung (Level 4)
Zekka suffers from a constant failure to communicate, so much of her dialogue takes place in her mind.
Special Training: Delicious Elemental Sauce (Various)
Zekka may coat her tongue with Fighting, Ice, Electric, Fire, or Ghost energy while using Lick, using additional energy equal to Shock Wave and doing decent additional damage. Zekka is only allowed to use one element as Elemental Sauce per battle, and can use Elemental Sauce with Lick twice per battle.

Semme: Female Tangrowth (Level 4)
Semme was found being berated by a rather aggressive Furret that hangs around the old Dual Wing Gym quite frequently. We were impressed by the way she fought off the Furret with only her vines, and thus decided to take her in.
Special Technique: Broadhand (Grass)
Semme uses Grass energy equal to 2x Growth to enlarge one of her vine-hands to two times its size. Attacks used with the vine-hand do more damage, but are slower as a result. This attack can be used twice per battle, and can not be used consecutively on the same vine-hand.

Lim: Female Quagsire (Level 4)
Lim is what I like to call a sleepy-eyed surprise. She's so well-known among the squad for her constant sleepiness that most don't realize that she's surprisingly crafty for such a lazy 'mon.

Asher: Male Charizard (Level 4)
Asher. my first Pokemon, has honed his skills over the years, becoming the strongest member of the Dual Wing Gym Squad.
Special Attack: Fire Ball (Fire)
Using a good amount of Fire energy, Asher engulfs himself in flames. Pokemon touching the flame will take light damage, with a 10% chance of being burned. The flames wear off after five turns. This attack can only be used twice per battle.

Koutetsutori: Female Skarmory (Level 4)
We always wondered what the problem with Koutetsutori was. She seemed completely, mind-bendingly stupid... but now we just know she has a terrible attention span and, quite like Bela, is frequently in her own little world. She's still a little stupid, though she's also extremely loyal to those closest to her.
Special Training: Scatterbrain (--)
Due to getting the full brunt of the Jumpluff Duo's snide remarks over the years, Koutetsutori is unaffected by Taunt; however, her scatterbrained personality means that Amnesia will never fail to erase the last attack she used, regardless of how difficult it is to block the attack in question.

Zekka, you'll be up first.
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