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Hoh boy, what've I gotten myself into this time. Best of luck Hana, and thanks you for taking the match Kush. I'll try to make this interesting.

Marian the Nidoqueen level 4 Female
No sig.

The Inevitable Scizor level 5 Female
Bio: A hardy warrior. Scizor enjoys her opponents suffering, and has been known to draw out a battle longer than necessary in order to prolong their pain. However, this once back fired on her: her opponent managed to get a fire blast off at close range, severely wounding her. During her long recovery, her only solace was knowing that the offending pokemon had later died of the wounds Scizor inflicted.
Ashamed of her weakness, Scizor travelled to Cinnabar island with Simone. There, she subjected herself to the full power of the firey residents of the volcano, struggling everyday in an effort to remove her weakness to fire.
Special Resistance: Through the Fire and Flames (Typeless)
Due to her extensive training, Scizor now takes 300% rather than 400% damage from fire types.

Geno the Electabuzz level 4 Male
No sig.

Monarch the Gyarados level 4 Female
Bio: Monarch has the same penchant for mindless destruction as all others of her species. In fact, she gets a little too into it at times, and it can be quite hard to get her out of it.
Sig pending.

Jansen the Hypno level 4 Male
No sig.

Louise the Absol level 4 Female
No sig.

Let's get this show on the road shall we?
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What can the harvest hope for, if not the care of the reaper man?

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