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Originally Posted by Mcsweeney View Post
I miss anime bros
I do too. But for me it isn't like "oh I grew out of it" or "sigh anime these days is so crappy." (Although, when I take a gander at the offerings, I do think that second one's got some claim ...! ^^; ) If you're not watching much anime right now either, I suspect your reasons are pretty similar to my own -- got a lot of other stuff to do and only so many hours in the day, week, month, and year in which to do it. I know you do a lot of physical training. I know you at least used to, if not still today, allocate a lot of time to e-sports. And of course you also work. All of these things take up your time. For me it's a pretty similar situation, although mine plays out more in my own head as a "queue" or a "list", where in any given month I have a list of some, say, five projects that are 1-2-3-4-5 ranked in priority and then every so often an invader from outer space will arrive to cut in line. For example, this month that 1-2-3-4-5 list could probably be filled out like "Japanese, Pokémon Sun, Katawa Shoujo, Skyward Sword, re-watching Prisma Ilya S1 to pave the way to finishing S2 and starting S3 and S4," and for the cutters in line we have ourselves Logan which has forced me to go and watch First Class, Days of Future Past, and soon The Wolverine and Apocalypse, all because of a movie that I didn't even know existed two months ago and that now I'd really like to see.

Me watching Kuzu no Honkai Episode 01 was pretty exceptional. I haven't tuned in for a currently-airing anime since Diamond is Unbreakable wrapped up. I still haven't finished a backlog of animes both started and unstarted. But I guess it was just one of those "fated chemical reaction outcomes" of brain chemistry, or something. The dominoes fell in such a pattern as to predestine, if you will, that I should watch Kuzu no Honkai last night. And what do I have to show for it? I didn't even like it that much!

Originally Posted by Mcsweeney View Post
One month from now I'll finally have some free time again, and I'll check out Tora Dora. I always thought people calling it "The greatest love story ever told" was sarcasm but maybe there's something to it?
"Greatest love story ever told," I don't know that I've ever said that or would say that. But it's a fantastic anime. I recently re-watched it in full for what had to have been at least the fourth time in my life. A life where I find myself having re-watched precious few anime, precious fewer more than twice. I dunno. Your mileage will almost certainly vary, if my friend in town is anything to go by. (He absolutely hated it. Was like pulling teeth to even get him to Episode 10. He made it only slightly farther and then dropped it harder than a bag of potatoes off the Empire State Building.) But for me, it's its author's lightning in a bottle.

Originally Posted by Mcsweeney View Post
I do appreciate the dick jokes.
So I reinvented this one while at work today, and had absolutely no one I could share it with:

Spoiler: show
"If dicks had nicknames, yours would be called Microsoft!"
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