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Watched the first episode of Kuzu no Honkai a.k.a. Scum's Wish. It was okay. I kept getting mixed vibes from it. Is it A or is it B?
  1. the fusion of Toradora! and Aku no Hana
  2. the fusion of Toradora! and Kimi ni Todoke
Hanazawa Kana's delivery as protagonist Hanabi, along with the animation style and the direction, made this feel an awful lot like the boring, sedate Kimi ni Todoke. But the "darkness" of the premise, both advertised and reported by other viewers, would seem to suggest the polar opposite in an Aku no Hana. So which is it? Because clearly our story is at least one-half Toradora! ripoff -- "a boy and a girl team up to support one another in their quest to win over their respective crushes" -- while the other half (i.e. the outcome) remains to be seen.

If it's "Tora ni Todoke", I'm out. Toradora! is already great as it is, and Kimi ni Todoke-fying it isn't going to make it better. If instead it's "Tora no Hana", then I'm cautiously optimistic and might stick around for more episodes.
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