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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
On March 11, 2017, it was reported that CrunchyRoll has deliberately halved the bitrate quality of 720p and 1080p video files, a.k.a. paying customers are paying for shittier videos now than they were before. I guess it exploded in CR's face and they're in damage control mode right now and have (temporarily?) gone back to the older, larger bitrates ... but I guess it's also the case that the shittier bitrates aren't entirely new either -- they first started showing up in 2016? -- and that they apply to any files on the site over a week old? Hrm.

And in a crazier turn of "What a small world!" events, this news story was brought to you by none other than Daiz. Yes: that Daiz. Wow. Never expected to run into him here. What a small world indeed.

Yeah. I have been on the verge of cutting my Crunchyroll subscription over this shit. It was a noticeable drop in quality, just a year after they put out their commercial talking about all of the state of the art quality increases they added to make the stream seamless, almost perfect in quality (for high-end connections). This felt like a real bait and switch.

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