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Youjo Senki is on break this week (recap), so I don't have any new anime updates. But I do have a manga one -

Kumo desu ga, nani ka?

I kind of forced this onto BBB but it's really fun. It's like Re:Monster with all of the flaws fixed up. Instead of a handsome alpha male reincarnated into a handsome alpha male who creates his own interspecies harem, you have a Japanese school girl reincarnated as a giant spider. She is cute and has a fun personality.

The story focus is also quite different. Re:Zero became a power fantasy really quickly and the ability gain got out of hand. The main character was never challenged after the early part of the story and just crushed/raped everything afterward with overwhelming power.

Kumo desu ga reads like something out of Discovery Channel, a fight for survival. The main character has to judge threats and often runs away from them, hides, and preys on things that are weaker than herself. Sometimes she's forced into a battle with a stronger opponent or numerically superior opponent, and in pretty much every battle she's forced to use tactics that are the product of her human mind.

At one point in the story she meets another of her species, an evolved form, and all it does is rush at prey and overwhelm it with force. She comments that she's never actually gone mano-y-mano with prey, and has always used tactics or subterfuge to get food. It's a clear reminder that the story is actually focused on survival.

It reminds me of an RPG-themed version of Crimsons, sort of. Crimsons was the life cycle of the sockeye salmon with shounen tropes, but it was pretty loyal to facts barring the supernatural elements like instinct. Kumo desu ga isn't loyal to facts, but the main character does employ the same kind of tactics as real spiders: sticky traps, trap doors, poison, ambush and retreat. Combined with her personality it's a great read.

If this continues, and I don't know where it will end, I'd rate it as an Excellent. Not a deep series but a very fun one!


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