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And with that, this year's Champion League Tournament comes to a close. Congratulations to our winner, Green (blazeVA), who rose above all of the other Champions and Elite Four to win this year's crown. To see the completed tournament rounds chart, click here. To see the wins in bar graph form, click here.

1st Place - Green (blazeVA)
2nd Place - Lance (Holy Emperor)
3rd Place - Red (Talon87) and Wallace (KratosAurion)

I tried to think of some good awards, but unfortunately I wasn't able to think of anything acceptable that was also within my power to implement. So ... 1st Place will just have to settle for this commemorative banner:

I apologize for its crappiness, but a professional image editor I am not. ^^;

Just For Fun Awards - You Vote, You Decide!

Now it's time for you to vote on several awards.

Best Pokémon
Who do you think was the best Pokémon on your team? (Pick only one and explain why you picked it.)

Most Memorable Match
Which battle do you think was the most memorable? (Please do not vote for one of your own matches.)

Biggest Surprise
What was the biggest surprise for you in this tournament?
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