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The battle had been anyones game up to this point, but this round was the one that decided it all! Jake knew he had no room for error. One wrong call and Crix would surely fall. The thunderbolt Pokemon had sustained a great deal of damage throughout the match, it was a surprise to still see him standing!
If that wasn't enough, Magcargo was incredibly fast, easily out speeding the Electivire!

Jake began racking his brain for ideas on how he could change the tide of the battle, nothing seemed to come to mind.... He needed Crix to unleash a powerful attack, and quick! Wait....quick attack..that's just what he needed!

"Hey, Jake," Jake heard Keith call from the other side of the arena.
"This has been a good battle, I'm almost sad it's about to end... but even so, me and Heatstroke are gonna win this, no matter what!"

"This isn't over just yet!" Jake exclaimed. "After coming this far, Crix and I have no intention of losing this!"
Not one of much words, Crix nodded in agreement to his trainers statement.
"Crix let's give this all we've got! Give them a taste of your Quick Attack! Then follow up with another Quick Attack!" Jake commanded.

Jake knew that even if he didn't win this, there was no way he was going down without a fight!
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