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The battle was reaching its climax, and everyone knew it. Keith was nothing short of thrilled- this sort of excitement was exactly what a Pokémon fight was all about! As it stood at that moment, the combatants were about evenly matched, but Keith knew that only meant the fight could go either way at this point. Especially considering the less desirable effects of Heatstroke's Shell Smash move- even though the shell on a Magcargo was ridiculously brittle to begin with, and therefore by no means a reliable means of defense, breaking it for the Shell Smash move lowered Heatstroke's Defense and Special Defense. Crix's attacks were gonna hit even harder now, and Heatstroke's special attacks, not so much, if the Electivire was allowed to get off that Light Screen. Keith knew he had to act fast, but at the same time, he knew there wasn't really going to be a way to prevent Light Screen from happening. So... he'd wing it. Make up the strategy as he went along. It's not like it was the first time he'd had to do that, nor, he was sure, would it be the last.

"Heatstroke, use Earth Power once more!" Keith commanded. "Follow up with Double Team, then give it a taste of your Strength attack!"
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