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Though Sparky had put up a good fight, Sparky couldn't survive the Venoshock assault and poison. Letting out a brief cry, Sparky collapsed to the ground.
''Sparky!'' Jake called to the Galvantula. Jake was sure Sparky was going to win, and to see that, even with his careful planning, Sparky and him still lost was a bit disappointing.
''You did great out there Sparky! You deserve a nice rest.'' Jake said before retrieving the Galvantula to it's pokeball. Jake was down to his final Pokemon, and Keith still had two. In order to win, Crix would have to take out both the fly catcher Pokemon and Keiths final Pokemon. Jake needed to make a comeback.
''How are you going to overcome this Master?'' Telpo asked
''You'll see'' Jake said before grabbing another Pokeball.
Now it was Crix's turn. Though he had spent the least amount of time on the team, out of the three Pokemon picked in this battle, Crix had already proven to be a strong and capable Pokemon.
''Alright Crix, you're up now!'' Jake called before tossing the pokeball into the air.
From the ball came an Electivire, who quickly sized up his opponent.
''Alright Crix, I'm counting on you now! Make Sparky and Pom proud!'' Jake called up to the thunder bolt Pokemon, who was a good 7 inches taller then his trainer.

The Electivire, gave a simple nod, before preparing for battle.
''Alright Crix, use Fire Punch! If your opponent survives the attack follow it up with an Ice Punch!'' Jake ordered. It was all up to Crix now. Did the Electivire have enough strength to take out two Pokemon? Only time would tell!
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