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For Keith, a lot of the last round seems to have led up to this moment - the infamous combination of inducing Poison then blasting away with Venoshock is widely regarded as both practical and devastating. Trainers whose Pokemon have been Poisoned should therefore be on their toes at all times...

Goyle grins at Keith's command: simple, straightforward and deadly. At the same time, Jake hopes to have a counter for the incoming onslaught. Taking advantage of his superior agility, Sparky again aims and lets loose a Thunder Wave pulse coursing through the ground, the move finding its mark this time and causing Goyle's body to briefly lock up. Annoyed by the nagging numbness once more, Goyle retaliates with the first Venoshock pulse, which explodes violently upon finding its mark, reacting to the poison in Sparky's system. Hanging on as best he can, the Galvantula proceeds to let out a very loud Screech that Goyle, lacking hands, has no means to buffer; the high pitched noise leaves the Victreebel defenseless, allowing Sparky to jolt forward and sink his sharp teeth into the flytrap!
The Bug Bite leaves a nasty mark and Goyle growls due to the sharp pain, but refuses to let up; taking advantage of Sparky's proximity he blasts the tarantula a second time with a vicious Venoshock, sending the Electric-Type reeling!

Sparky struggles to remain conscious after the two massive blows, while Goyle breathes heavily from the energy required to pull them off. Taking aim for one final shot, the last Venoshock to put the severely-injured enemy away! The Grass-Type charges up, arches his body back... but fails to move at the last second, his body freezing under the timely paralysis!

Sparky grins, happy to have survived Goyle's barrage of violence with some great tactical thinking on Jake's part. However, just as he prepares to mount an offense of his own, the Galvantula bends over in pain, his eyes glaze over and the Electric-Type collapses... completely unconscious! Despite having avoided the last deadly Venoshock, the Poison already in his system was too much to bear, and it was the status effect that doomed Sparky despite his best efforts to stand up to Goyle's tactics.
Jake is now down to his final Pokemon, while Keith's Victreebel remains standing but in pretty bad shape!

Health: 31%
Energy: 39%
Stats: Atk +1; SpAtk +1; Spd -2; Def -2

Health: 0%
Energy: 50%

Next Pokemon and orders: EpicSquirtle


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