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The main problem is I can't rid myself of the following cards:

Junk Synchron
Level 1 Tuners
Mill/thin cards

In order to summon Librarian AND tokens to rodeo, these cards and setup are more or less essential. Making room for links means I have to take away from the draw/consistency, or board control. Do you think the game has slowed enough that I don't have to remove all threats on turn 1?

I rebuilt my deck using Dueling Book (though I've forgotten some of the lost tech) and here are the cards that I could take out, which are "tech":

Shaddoll Dragon, Beast, Squamata
Calcab, Farfa of the Burning Abyss

These cards are used for deck thinning and board control, which they're very good at, and in a pinch they can be used for Synchro into a Level 6 or Level 7

Book of Eclipse x2

The best spell control card, especially when combined with Twin Twister

Vanity's Emptiness

Now banned. Good, I guess, when I finally got used to it.


So okay, here's a possibility.

Instant Fusion + Thousand Eyes-Restrict

This gets a Level 1 with utility onto the field to summon with Cystron Needlefiber. But I still need a Level 1 tuner to special summon itself without relying on the opponent making a play.

Also, this starts to eat into my Extra Space...
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