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Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
It doesn't work for a number of reasons.

1. it only enables 2 Extra slots on the field, while I need 3, no more and no less. With 3, I can loop through the Extra and go into Quasar, I just have to opt out of the stronger Durendal/Dark Law lock.
2. It requires heavy setup, 2 monsters on the field to summon. My deck is rarely able to take advantage of this because I need tutorable Level 1 tuners. To make Needlefiber work, I have to Special Summon a Level 1 Tuner and non-tuner from the hand, and get 2 cards in hand to replace them, then using needlefiber to summon...what exactly?

Remember, I don't simply want to summon Omega and Go. My fields consisted of locks, OTK bosses and a field of trap cards, since I deep draw my entire deck after looping the extra. Synchrocentric isn't powerful enough on its own anymore to play otherwise, due to the lack of inherent non-archetype floating.
1) There is still the option to link ladder if you need to (Special Summoning Unknown Synchron or Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion will give you easy access to Summon Sorceress or Decode Talker in the other Extra Monster zone (since you can Link summon to the other zone using a link monster you control in your current zone).

2) I...I'm not even sure how to respond to this point. It's a Synchro Summon that has no level restrictions. It tutors out your Level 1 Tuners from the _deck_ and that's fine because none of the Level 1 Tuners you'd actually run have on field effects. It's no more of a heavy investment than TGHL, and TGHL doesn't _do_ anything when you immediately summon it.

Like, there are decks out there in Link format currently able to pump out all three variants of Shooting Quasar Dragon, thanks to this card. Sure they aren't meta decks but Synchro focused decks haven't been the meta since what, Debris Plants back when Spore and Glow-Up Bulb got banned? You may need to make some adjustments to your deck (more of a focus on Hand Traps than normal Traps, Glow-Up Bulb, Dandylion, Gofu, hell, even Brilliant Fusion if you want to risk the Garnet brick), but I think as a whole, Synchro strategies have only gotten stronger simply because of this card.

(And like every other deck but lol)
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