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Re: Making Money

Originally Posted by Talon87
You don't listen, do you? He says, "Can anybody recommend a better way than fighting the E4?" And you take all that time to write what amounts to a big, fat "No. " So why didn't you just say that? :x
I was justifying my assertion that, if you have the Pokemon for it, beating the E4 over and over is probably the best money/time ratio in D/P. A level 70ish Rayquaza with the backup of another high level Pokemon or two will one-shot everything the Elite Four + Cynthia can throw at you.

Your method is good for gaining money alone (at close to $60,000 per E4 tournament), but it takes half an hour even with animations disabled.
~80k, actually. Each Elite Four is worth 14-15k with an Amulet Coin, Cynthia herself is a massive 26k. And it takes me around 20ish minutes or so.

And once you start, you can't stop.
If you're grinding shitloads of money, this isn't really a big issue. Especially if you're buying vitamins in bulk.

Finally, the effort points vary. If Kuno could find a trainer (or two) who offer a lot of money, that might strictly be a better deal than what you're proposing. He may lose a little time (40 minutes instead of 28, let's say, to get the same amount of cash), but he gains the benefit of fighting for the same effort over and over and over. Which (may) mean it's superior to fighting the E4.
Possible, but highly doubtful. The trainers you would EV train on tend to be low-level trainers, which means the money you'd make is pretty awful.
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