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Originally Posted by Amras.MG View Post
Maybe you should move this fanfic discussion to another thread, Kin?
I don't see why. This was, really, based on the topic, as it was started from an FE perspective. Indeed.

That being said, I write fanfiction. Both FE and Pokemon fanfiction. And I'm a shipper. Hm. I was going somewhere with this, but I seem to have lost it.

>_< All I know is that I love almost all the lords equally. I remember at first it was hard for me to open up to Eirika, thus the reason I (began) playing Ephraim's route first, then having to begin an Eirika route simply because Kin kept warning me of receiving spoilers before hand. Or not receiving the information at all.

For example:

Spoiler: show
Joshua being a prince.

I did, eventually, warm up to Eirika
Spoiler: show
probably just because she causes so many bloody ship fests
, so at least that worked out. Eh, if I had to choose favorites (Oh, I hate favorites), they would probably be, eh, Roy, Ephraim, Ike, and, eh, let's count Elincia. *Sheepish glance*
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and the art thread that i'll be trying to breathe life back into lol
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