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I understand that, looking at it all. And I'm familiar with how difficult it can be to keep track of multiple characters during a long story, without reducing them two one-dimensional cliche's or making them shallow self-insert constructs.

I admit somewhat shamefacedly that I've engendered something of a personal stigma against fan-fics in general, but I suppose that's because the only ones I've been exposed to are the bad ones. I apologize if I was offensive in any way, I don't mean to sound snobbish or like I'm degrading one genre (or subculture?) of writing, as literature is both my passion and life goal ^^;

In any event, I'd never even thought of it from the characters perspective. I'm the type of person who doesn't generally like playing a 'canon' character in games, unless it's a case like MGS or Prince of Persia where there's some history to it. I absolutely adore character creation in games (Whoop whoop, MyUnit~!) because for me, world building is actually second to crafting my own characters and personalities to inhabit said world.

But that said, I can see why some people would enjoy having a metaphorical sandbox in which to use pre-existing FE characters.
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