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Originally Posted by Tuner89 View Post
Well, it goes in phases. Every few months, the meta pans out and there are more options, and decks are forced to adapt and become less broken... We're just in the middle of a phase where 2-3 decks are out of control, and no one in the community(believe me) enjoys these phases, even when we're running the broken decks. We all stick around because we know that in a couple months it'll be better again, and theres no point sitting out in the mean time when there's money to be made.

Most of the allure of the game is the community. I play the game daily with my close friends, and go to tournaments 1-3 times a week. It really gives me something to do, and it's a great way to socialize, honestly. Along with that, yugioh is a GREAT way to make money. It requires SIGNIFICANT investment(I recently shelled out over $600 on my new deck) but if you play the market right and win tournaments you can make A LOT of cash. I have several friends who are paying for college through yugioh.
This is true, unfortunately none of the tourneys I won ever gave cash prizes, just cards and equipment =/

My best friend's brother is the Dragon Ball Z CCG 2004 World Champion, won $5000 from upperdeck + every card ever, got through college with it, I believe. Crazy shit. Coincidentally, he's also won Pokemon game championships, too. EVs/IV trains like a fucking maniac.

Wish I had named this thread "CARDGAMES ON MOTORBIKES" or "A CHILDREN'S CARD GAME"

in america

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