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Originally Posted by phoopes View Post
So I've signed up for that Dueling Network thing... now someone remind me how to play. I remember most of the basics, but it sounds like things have undergone a massive overhaul.
Unfortunately, Dueling network doesn't hold your hand AT ALL. the basics are that every turn you draw, then you summon a monster level 4 or under, set your trap cards, and play your magic cards. You attack your opponents monsters, and if your attack is higher, you win. if their monster was in attack mode, they take life point damage equal to the difference. if they don't have a monster, you can attack them directly for life point damage equal to your monster's attack. Other than that, it's all reading card effects... for the most part.

If you want, i can play some games with you and help you get into it, or I can answer any questions you have here, or in PM =)

Thanks Pengy!

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