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Things don't seem to be going well for Sneasel, but it does manage to barely escape the wrath of a Gust from Dustox, getting behind a well placed rock. Regardless, it doesn't end well, as Sneasel produces a pathetically weak QC Shadow Ball, having wasted his energy on his earler FC one, and Dustox, still standing watches as his opponet glows purple a final time and collapses, unable to continue.


Sneasel is KO'ed, Martz has no pokemon remaining, meaning that Dustox and Dark Magic are the victors!

Dark Magic gains 4 KO, 8 TP
Martz gains 4 TP.

good match, though Martz... Sneasel had nearly run out of Ghost energy rounds ago, you could have KO'ed Dustox in this round, but not in the way you tried to go. regardless, good match
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