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Things get interesting as Dustox launches a barrage of Cutting Air, the winds slashing into Sneasel for solid damage. However, regardless of everything, there are two factors that stop Blizzard from doing its first job. the first was that Silver Wind is a far quicker move, and the second is that its Giga Drain had tired Sneasel out some. but regardless of the reason, the Silver Wind slams into Sneasel for serious damage before it gets off its Blizzard, which does a conciderable amount to Dustox. Sneasel continues on to an Ice Beam, which slams into the bug for even more damage, but no freeze. Both pant heavily as the round ends... but not before the Stealth Rock and Toxic strike, dealing more damage to Sneasel, who doesn't look like he can take much more damage...


Sneasel is well into its final 1/4th of health, though a few solid hits can KO him, energy use was pretty big this round, but he has more than enough to KO Dustox., Toxic has started, and on it's own it'll KO him in 5 rounds.

Dustox took a large amount of damage, it has a solid lead on Sneasel in health, though it is a far bit below the 1/2 mark itself. Energy use was decent this round as well.
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