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A New Challenger Appears!

Going to start off by saying that this is more or less me explaining where I come from and what I think would and has made PASBL fun, I am neither stupid enough to think the bellow would be good or balanced it's just an emphasis of how I view and enjoy PASBL more or less. Also I'm gonna shamelessly copy Snorby's format.

Spoiler: show

I'm of the belief that TLs in their current form are far to restrictive and inherently flawed in that people are going to have their favorite pokemon and it arguably degrades their ability to enjoy the game if a significant portion of the pokemon they love are locked behind heavy prerequisites.

Suggestion, do away with prereqs, if Johny Joe Noob wants his favorite mon Ninetales he should be able to access to it, a game is for fun let the lad have fun. Now I recognize just letting everyone that walks through the door run around with a Snorlax would probably trigger a number of people here but a somewhat popular idea that's floated around on the Discord has been having something of a points system where a Trainer has X amount of points and the point cost of their complete squad can not exceed that number of points.

Given proper balance this would allow everyone to have some of their favorites while still making sure a fresh of the boat player can't just line their squad with top of the line pokemon and even gives a trade off if they try to do so in part.

Spoiler: show

As I alluded to earlier I don't like TLs as a concept and think we should just ax them. Instead of using them I simply suggest that the system I mentioned in the above section have things set up to where battling and perhaps reffing can help increase the points one can have for the purpose of pokemon additions and evolutions.

Lets have the points be our current TP, given at the end of each match regardless of win or loss so people don't get into ruts and lose motivation. Maybe let people buy decent amounts of TP with their SP? Regardless that's something I'll go into more in a later section.

Spoiler: show

I'm sure most of those that have been around me know I'm not a fan of direction we've taken with them. Throughout most of my time here sigs have been a way for Trainers to express their creativity, create unique tools, expand on the minor bits of RP that exist here and just in general have fun.

As I hope I've gotten across in my first section I want people to be able to use their favorite pokemon regardless of where they're at and part of this is being able to excuse using them once they actually get them, to make it short I want people to be able to sig their Eevee to be as good as Snorlax albeit in its own way. Why must some pokemon be blatantly better than others when one of the major strengths of PASBL is the freedom from moveset restriction and stat totals the game provides?

As a note for the above, perhaps have sigs on a pokemon contribute to its cost to a team, that way an Eevee as strong as a Snorlax still takes up as many of your options as an actual Snorlax.

Spoiler: show

Honestly fine with how it works right now for the most part, I do think the conversion to TP should be greater than it is though. I'd also suggest good behavior as a battler be rewarded somewhat with some SP or SP gain boosts.

Reffing and Ref Grades
Spoiler: show

Just keep them the way they are now but do evaluations more often and perhaps open a court similar to the old Sig Court where people can submit matches where refs are being shitty for more immediate and personal punishment. Could also use such a court to give people better grades!

Spoiler: show

Take control out of the involved parties hands, make them fully automatic and shut down attempts to ignore the rule. Limit TAs to have a short cool down between instances where they are established and put a limit to how long they can go on for. We don't want to excuse people going away for months and we don't want to let them do it by chaining close proximity TAs.

Spoiler: show

Do them more often, make them kind of radiate instead of going forward, by this I mean allow refs that just finished shit up right before them to recieve retroactive benefit from SP modifiers. Alternatively or additionally maybe just auto grant the event token to those who have done X amount of reffings within a time span.

Spoiler: show

I mean this for items, HPs and other not sig stuff. Just let members you guys like be certified to help out with this sorta thing.

Member Generation:
Spoiler: show

Give us a social media presence already, see if anyone in the community is willing to upkeep and do the right kinds of spam, hell maybe decide on a list of people to do it so no one person gets overwhelmed.

Spoiler: show

I believe in a PASBL where anyone can use anything, both in acquisition and in actual practical in battle use regardless of how long they've been here or what they end up facing. I believe this can be achieved with a points based rework of our acquisition system and a do away with TLs as well as laxer sig rules. Let's make the highest denominator of pokemon the balance point instead of the middle ground, nothing can be overpowered if everything is.

The inner workings of PASBL need to be able to run smoother, let the best of us help lessen the burdens of the LOs by taking care of mundane things like HPs, Items and other stuff just needs a green stamp (sigs aside of course). More events, make it easier for our active refs to benefit from them.

Reward battlers for good behavior and be unforgiving to those that exhibit bad ones by having an extremely strict DQ system.

Make ASB more about fun than anything else, no point in a fine tuned machine if no one wants to use it.

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