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Originally Posted by Concept View Post
Thoughts on IT's Stuff: Requiring pokemon to actively participate in order to evolve is something I've always wanted to do but stuff like Magikarp and Caterpie makes it really hard to implement in a fair way. One potential balance is to make it so that using it in battle reduces the cost to evolve (every time it's actively used it counts as having had X points spent towards its next evo?)
Honestly they were a factor in my saying that passive squadding allows for slower level gain which iirc is still in the proposal (think it's officially listed as something along the lines of 'being squadded allows for slower gains towards levels' or something) but it's definitely something that'd need working on. I'm currently editing my proposal with some new ideas that should sort this. It's also a whole new kettle of fish to boil and I've inevitably fucked stuff up, so any thoughts on the edits would be appreciated.
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