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Slurpuff Round 3: [Round Ttitle]

Jenna decides to go with a pretty middle-ground play this round as she looks around before charging up normal typed energy between her maws, charging it up with intent of causing massive pain building up in the eyes of the mega Mawile. Jenna's attack gets to a half-charged state when she decides to fire the Hyper Beam straight at the hulking Steelix before her, Vorn moves his body in such a way to avoid the burn taking damage but the Hyper Beam still smashes into him nonetheless as it causes a good deal of damage due to boosts that Jenna has. Vorn decides that he's pretty much fed up with what just happened so he goes all out and builds up Ground typed energy all around his body as he closes in on the mega-mawile and slams his body onto it with a direct contact earthquake. Vorn decides to leave another present though as he sets up a sub which pins down Jenna before moving away like a sneaky metal snek.


Jenna is below the midpoint, good for two.

Vorn is into the final third, good for two.
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