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Apparently, Goblin Slayer is getting an anime! For those who don't know (I might have talked about it before), it's unique in that it's a fantasy-medieval story that isn't an isekai, and has a pretty interesting premise.

The focus is this guy called Goblin Slayer, a psycho "adventurer" who, despite his high rank, is heckbent only on killing weak goblins. He doesn't "adventure" for fame or fortune, but is motivated both by revenge and out of concern for others.

As adventurers get stronger, they stop focusing on weaker prey and move on toward stronger foes. But the weak monsters like goblins don't actually stop propagating, and villages are raided and destroyed by them. Adventurers who grow strong move on, while rookies are often wiped out by underestimating goblin strength.

The setting appears to be a JRPG or TRPG, where characters have stylized looks and conventions. But in a commentary on JRPGs, the world actually operates similar to ours, where the goblins fight dirty. In response to this, Goblin Slayer also plays dirty, using explosives, traps, and improvisation to wipe out goblin nests. He's an exterminator, and he exterminates with extreme prejudice.

Later in the story, we learn the great irony: at the highest levels of politics in the story, there's a Demon Army lead by a Demon King that the adventurers are battling - and losing - against, because the army has an inexhaustible supply of demons. It turns out, all the monsters evolve from lesser monsters, and the high ranking demons all started out as goblins. So, by moving on away from goblins, the adventurers of the world were in fact dooming themselves, and Goblin Slayer, in his single-minded holocaust against goblin kind, is indirectly saving the world by killing the demons in their larval form.

While the story isn't super deep, it is A-ranked material that doesn't get old. It's basically a SOL where Goblin Slayer's daily routine is hunting for goblins in old churches, sewers, fields and caves. Look forward to the anime, it'll certainly be entertaining!
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