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It has been nearly SIX YEARS since Mahoyo came out -- or rather, the first of its planned three parts. We still don't have a complete English fan translation #RIP #nasujapaneseishardmode, and we still don't have any word on the second game. Here: have a listen. The delightful theme song.

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I wonder if I should rewatch Dragonball Z. I've been actively campaigning against nostalgia, but this one might demand a closer examination.
I can't speak for DBZ, having never seen any of Dragon Ball or its related properties, but I actually had similar thoughts regarding Fushigi Yuugi a few weeks ago. I briefly flirted with the idea of re-watching the entire thing, and only tabled it because a) the number of times things were cutting in line ahead of other things in my private life was getting to be absurd this autumn, and b) as much as I adore / may have adored the series way back when, I still remember that the villains really suck compared with the heroes and that this means I'm committing to watching a(n at best) "flawed masterpiece". But I still considered it, and I might resume watching it this coming year, who knows. (I got five or so episodes in before I put it down. The heroes were on their way to meet Tenshouin.)

I'm delighted to say that most of my favorite series have held up remarkably well. Haruhi, Hikaru no Go, and Minami-ke all remain solid 10 out of 10s, to name three of the most recently revisited of my favorites. I'm planning to re-watch Kanon 2006 with Yuki soon, and I think that one will be a delight as well.
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