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Dave's Intro Post

With the port on your mind your mind you take a general look around you, but before can take in much info you notice a small toddler aged girl with blonde pigtails in what appears to be a tattered pink dress. Noticing you the girl runs towards you, with now apparent tears running down her face. Upon reaching you the girl looks up teary eyed, before frantically saying:

“Sir Help! A thug is having his pokemon hurt my mommy, I don’t know why he’s doing it but please you gotta help! Please I don’t want to lose her too!” But before you can reply she takes your hand and pulls you along, the abruptness of the situation leaving you with little choice but to go along with things. Before you know it the girl has lead you past a number of buildings and lead you into an alley, where in you hear a hard thud, followed by what sounds like a pain induced grunt, the source of these sounds becoming clear once you’ve reached the end of the alley, a large man wearing a leather jacket and his Machop towering above the crumpled form of a humanoid. This form is soon revealed to be the girl’s mother as she screams out “MOMMY!”, this causing the man and his pokemon to turn around and look your way, seeing you, your pokemon and the girl the man says “Hah, looks like the runt found a little helper ‘hmm, well not to so little. Anyway, Machop let’s kick their ass too, then we can make sure that little shit that brought him here never runs again.”

Quest Outline:
Spoiler: show

If Dave agrees to help the girl she will lead him down a nearby alley where he will encounter a large man and his Machop who will turn from the girl’s injured mother and engage him in a battle.
If he beats the Machop the thug will make a run for it, pushing past him and running off into the distance. If Dave loses the sound of police sirens will scare off the thug instead. Regardless of outcome Dave will notice a Machoke fist insignia on the thug’s jacket.

Once the thug has fled Dave will be called over by the mother who will give him the number of a local doctor before passing out from her injuries, calling the doctor will have him come over in a van, which he will use to transport Dave, the mother and the child to his home where he will take care of the injuries and give Dave a rundown of the gang and their history with the daughter’s family as well as explaining that the police are offering a reward to anyone who can put a stop to gang’s activities. The daughter pleads for Dave to help as well.

If Dave agrees to help the doctor will tell him a location that members of the gang are known to target, upon reaching this location Dave will overhear a bunch of gang members talking about a warehouse as well as the time an item of special importance to their boss will be transported there as well as when it will be picked up.
Should Dave decide to go to the warehouse when the item is being transported to it he will overhear one of the transporters say the location of where the item will be in the warehouse as well as what it will be held in, allowing him to get to it with ease. If Dave opts to go between the time after the item has been dropped and picked up, he will wander around inside, encountering up to 2 weak trainers depending on his choices.

Upon finding the item he will find out what it is, something capable of bringing the gang’s leadership down. He will be given the option to either give the item to the family he previously helped out, allowing them to collect the reward from the police and achieve a better financial situation, or keep it and collect the reward himself.

Quest Rewards:
Spoiler: show

If Dave opts to give it to the family he will receive a Rare Candy
If Dave opts to turn the item into the police, he will receive 1 Star Shard and $600
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