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I have a few comments before I divulge my verdict. I'd like to start off by saying that while your update is a tad short, it is very well written and I enjoyed reading it. I like how the Gym Trainer had to pause and remember what to say. That bit did a good job of giving a seemingly insignificant character a bit of personality and maybe something to go off of later. Like I said before, the update was a little short, but not unacceptably so. Maybe in the future you could describe the gym a little bit more? What does the inside of the gym look like? Are there other trainers milling about doing stuff or is it just Cameron and the Gym Trainer? Again, just something to think about.

As for your quests, I think they're very cute, great for a starting trainer. We're giving a bit more money than that for quests, and I think we're giving new captures egg moves? At least, we have been at the early levels, which is where pretty much everyone is. But all in all, I think they were good. So....

Approved 1/3! Congrats! Good luck!
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