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Name: Bill Darius
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Class: Archaeologist (Major: Water, Minor: Rock and Weakness: Electricity)
Appearance: Bill is about 5'11". He has a fair complexion surrounding his arms and face, however, the rest of his body appears to be paler in comparison. His red hair is often very messy as a result of lack of grooming. Occupying his face is a pair of dark chocolate eyes at the either side of his small, thin nose. He has very thin, and slightly long lips underneath the nose with no sign of a mustache, beard or even stubble on his face. Bill's face has a few freckles that occupy random places over his face. He is slightly muscular in the arms and legs, although slightly thin everywhere else. His hair has obvious bits of dirt in it from his travels and lack of cleanliness in general.

As change clothing is something that isn't really needed for survival in his eyes, Bill wears one set of clothing. His pair of baggy green pants coated with several pockets that are often used to store precious items such as medicine and dried food. His short sleeved blue T-shirt covered with a few holes and has a few dirt and grass stains occupying the full shirt (as well as a faded picture of what appears to be a Squirtle, albeit it is hard to make out, a pair of old worn-out hiking boots. Over top his shirt, he wears an olive-green vest that has three pockets (two on the left side, one on the right), although he typically leaves these pockets empty, as they are small and when they are occupied, they rub against his chest uncomfortably. Finally, a pair of yellow leather gloves. Unlike the rest of his clothes though these appear to be brand new and never before used.

As for items outside of his clothing, Bill keeps a slightly large green backpack with him that seems to be filled with excavating tools that sometimes stick out the top pocket, such as a shovel, pick-ax or even a small feather duster. He also carries a canteen filled with (mostly sterilized) river water.

Most of Bill's personality can be summed up in one word: curiousity. He almost always wonders what the purpose of many things big and small are, no matter the consequences of actually knowing the details behind it. However, as an impatient person, even to fighting random people, he often stays in the background and allows the others to fight till he can find a way around it. That being said, he will not abandon a friend, especially one in need, and, if need be, Bill steps in with his pokemon and starts his battling style, reacting to the opponent's movements. He tries to keep a cool head, but can often get fired up, especially in theoritical territories like the god Pokemon and whatnot. Bill loves archaeology and history. He studies about old fossils, civilizations, you name it. If it existed and had a major impact on society, he knows many of the basic details of it.

Background: Bill was born and raised on Fortune Island of the Sevii Islands, a chain of islands that was near. He was born under a historian and a lab aide, although his father was often away on business to study various artefacts throughout the world. Not that Bill minded all that much, as when his father did return home from time to time, he always brought pictures of these artefacts. This helped Bill's love for archaeology grow and blossom. So much so, that as he was growing, he'd often want to head to the ruins to the southern part of the island, although the first time he did, he went without notifying anyone. He didn't see anything wrong with this, but after he returned, he got scolded for wondering into dangerous territory without adult supervision. Most of the times after that, he'd bring his mother along to see them.

He grew up to be a happy person, a lot like his father. One day, when Bill was just turning 11, Bill's father decided to take him on a small business trip to see some of the artefacts first-hand. However, as they approached Vermillion City's port, disaster struck. A violent storm hit, and the boat they were on starting swaying back and forth, throwing Bill overboard. As he was drowning he saw a lightning bolt hit the ship itself, and he watched in horror as it sank into the depths before he passed out. A couple days later, he found himself in a hospital in Vermillion City, where he learned he was the sole survivor of that ship, as far as they could tell (no way for them to search bodies at that time). The storm was still raging on with no signs of stopping for another five days. During this time, all the Pokemon left their trainers and many of the boats were destroyed, so Bill was stuck in Kanto with no way to return back to the Sevii Islands at that time.

The first few days, he did mope about his situation. However, when he learned that this wasn't just happening to him, but rather to all over the world, from the drought in Johto to the storms in Kanto, he wondered just what could have caused all this. No explanation was found, but he knew there had to be one, so as time passed, he decided to dedicate his life to finding the answer to this mystery and stop it from ever happening again. He currently resides in one of the refugee camps outside of Vermillion, trying desperately to find answers, but at the same time, surviving this onslaught.

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