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New character. Deleted the old one's thread.

Name: Anja Luo

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Class: Hunter (Major: Flying, Minor: Steel, Weakness: Dragon)


(I can write up a formal appearance description if you need me to but I hope the drawing is ok?)

Personality: Anja describes herself as "super hardcore, in every way". And she is, indeed, super hardcore in every way. She has a great passion for gaming of all kinds, flying, fashion, and Pokemon battles. She doesn't really care about other people unless she knows them well. Anja jokes around a lot with people she doesn't know and acts even more intense and excited with them than she normally is. It's difficult to get Anja to shift into "serious" mode. She tends to take everything as a joke at least a little bit. She is responsible and capable, but most of the time she doesn't want to seem that way. Her ideal personality and image for herself is somebody who is intense, competent, and well-known, but not necessarily respected. Anja is very much able to ignore other people's opinions of her because she knows that ultimately it only matters what she thinks of herself; however, this leads to some situations where Anja disregards actual important advice about herself.

Anja tends to avoid tender emotions and feelings unless they're coated in at least 12 levels of irony, and she knows that she can be pretty flippant and rude a lot. Her motto is to live life to the fullest, every day.

Anja is intense, strong-willed, good humored, a risk taker, fashionable, responsible, competent, smart, stubborn, selfish, confrontational, conceited, materialistic, and bad at expressing feelings of genuine concern or sadness.

Background: Anja remembers almost nothing from before the disasters, as she was too young. She lived in Pewter City her whole life and her family remained there after the disasters even though their home was badly damaged. They relocated within the city and soon had their own apartment to call home again.

Anja never had problems finding friends growing up. She always had a large posse of kids she was hanging out with, though she never had a "best" friend. An outsider looking in at her life might call it tragic; Anja never really had a strong, close bond with anybody growing up. Her parents worked tirelessly in the aftermath of the disasters to ensure that their single daughter would still be able to have a good life, but in their efforts neglected to check in with their daughter emotionally. None of her friends from the neighborhood or from school ever developed a true bond with her. As the years went by, friends constantly drifted in and out of her life, and she grew to value herself and her own wellbeing over others' because there was nobody to do it for her.

Anja had few ties keeping her in Pewter, besides her mom and dad, whom she always recognized for the hard working, dedicated, and loving parents they were. But eventually it was time for her to leave to make her own life and story for herself. Her parents decided to pay for a guide to take her over the mountain path to Blackthorn (she wanted to do it herself) where she could start fresh in the Johto region.

Starter Group: 3

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