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Name: Fitzgerald "Fitz" Sardone

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Class: Trainer (Normal major, no minor, no weaknesses)

Appearance: Fitz is a bit average for someone his age, standing at 4'5" and is slightly thin-statured due to not being able to eat much. He wears a tattered gray beanie in which the top part has a small hole on it, revealing a bit of his messy black hair which is short enough that it barely touches his ears and cover his forehead but not his brown eyes. His clothes are two sizes too big for him, as most of it came from his uncle. He wears a surprisingly clean white shirt which a large old brown coat that's used to completely cover his hands before being trimmed a bit so that it would be more convenient for his hands. He wears a baggy brown shorts that reaches just halfway between his knees and feet. He wears a pair of new hiking boots which was given to him by his uncle before the boy left.

Personality: Fitz is generally a very timid boy who mostly keeps to himself, talking only when he needs to talk while subconsciously avoiding having to talk to people as much as possible. He is by no means unfriendly, but it can take a while for him to completely open up to a person. Fitz is however, very hardworking in whatever he does and can be a bit of a determinator when the situation arises, refusing to give up as long as there is even a slight possibility of success. Fitz is also very caring towards his Pokemon and often confides to them when he needs to let out his thoughts.

Background: Fitz was barely aware of everything when the disaster had happened, as he was still two years old at that time. The young boy barely knew his parents, as they had both died in the Disaster ten years ago and thus was orphaned at a very young age. Fitz was then quickly taken in by Daniel, one of his uncles, and since then has been raised by him in Viridian City. Being unable to go to school, much of Fitz's knowlegde about the world came from his uncle who acts like a parental substitute to him. Like many of the survivors, the two of them didn't exactly have an easy life and did quite a bit of struggling just to survive yet both of them remained content with what they do have. At the age of twelve, Fitz's uncle had decided that the boy should see the world with his own eyes, to know more about the after effects of the disaster first-hand, and to teach him independence, and thus had decided to set him out on an adventure.

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