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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
I can vouch for .webm's, but putting in native support seems a little bit difficult.
How so? I provided the license holder (in this case Kuno) the code ripe for the taking. The only possible issue is that it is optimized for later versions of vBulletin than what we run -- but given dami's implementation of a YouTube tag many years ago, I find it borderline impossible to believe that an embedded media object native to HTML5 cannot have an embed tag written for it on older versions of vBulletin. Like ... it should be as easy as the img tag, and much much easier than the YouTube tag.

Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Yeah just as a note, Talon's gif lagged hard when it was a .gif but as a .webm I got no lag what so ever.

This is only really a good thing tbh.
Were you viewing on a mobile device? That's another thing: animated GIFs, for whatever reason, are super difficult on smartphones' resources. But WebMs flat out do not work on iOS (at least as of January; and I'm stuck on iOS 7.x anyway so my personal experiences can't be relied upon for users of the latest operating system). The Imgur one works ... because it's not a WebM you're loading there if you load it on iPhone -- it's an MP4 video file they've provided as a courtesy to iPhone users.

However, "embed does not work in iOS" is no different for WebM than it is for UPN's YouTube tag. "BORKED," "BORKED," "BORKED," am I right? If we're not beating down the door of the YouTube tag for failing iOS users, I see little reason for us to halt implementation of a WebM tag over this.
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