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WebM file support

Is it possible for us to get a [webm] tag which would allow us to embed .webm files in our posts the same way we can use the [img] tag to embed .gif files in our posts? WebM files are much smaller than GIFs while maintaining same or superior visual quality and duration. For example, a 40-megabyte animated GIF can be represented in under 1 megabyte by the WebM format.

There is an official vBulletin thread for this topic. I am not sure if his code is the No.1 undisputed best or not, given the lack of replies to the thread and the lack of votes coupled with the same issues besetting the other threads on their forum plus the lack of any obvious competitor threads. (I did check out the HTML5 thread but that seemed to strictly deal with HTML5 video and audio and did not appear to touch on GIF format replacements like WebM.) However, if this guy's code looks good to you and if it does the job, then can we implement it? Or is it only compatible with v.4.0+ of vBulletin forum software?

Comparison: traditional GIF (6.90 MB), WebM file (1.19 MB), alternative host's conversion from GIF to WebM (535 KB)

As you can see from the comparison provided just now, file extensions would need to be taken into consideration. For example, ".gifv" appears to be Imgur's own in-house take on what movie-ified GIF files should be called, but when you save the file to your hard drive it still saves as a .webm file all the same, reflecting that .webm appears to be the consensus file extension name. If we do incorporate a [webm] tag, it'd be prudent to have it recognize file paths ending in .gifv (and other possible popular extension names) and not just .webm, the same way that [img] doesn't freak out when you put a .jpg at the end versus a .png versus a .gif, etc.

Note: in the comparison provided above, you will have to right click and save the video file in order to save the .webm to your computer and see the true file size. If you click on the "Download" link that Imgur has provided, it will download for you the file I originally uploaded -- which in this case is the 6.90-megabyte GIF.

Some of the most popular images on the net right now only exist in .webm format, as they would be far too large and/or would have to be rendered far too ugly if they were uploaded as GIFs. Our community is missing out on great opportunities to spice up our posts with these images, and I suspect we will only continue to miss out more heavily as the format gains wider-spread adoption.
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